MOTIFSIM - MOTIF SIMilarity Detection Tool

Version 2.2


Input Parameters
Number of files: 1
Number of top significant motifs: 10
Number of best matches: 5
Similarity cutoff >= 0.75
Matching motif database: UniProbe Mus Musculus
Motif tree: Yes
Combined similar motifs: Yes
Output file type: All
Output file format: All

Input files and motif counts
File name Count of motifs Dataset number
CisFinder_DM721_Cluster.txt 153 1


Top 10 Significant Motifs - Global Matching (Highest to Lowest)

There is no global matching for 1 motif file.

Results created by MOTIFSIM on 06-18-2018 16:00:12
Runtime: 1179.17 seconds

MOTIFSIM is written by Ngoc Tam L. Tran
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